0.00000130 BTC

Supply on Exchange 7.7% 1,615,220,067 ZIL
Minted Supply (24h) 2,433,858 ZIL
Minted Supply (Annualized) 7.2% 888,358,142 ZIL
Circulating Supply 58.9% 12,362,514,950 ZIL
Max Supply 21,000,000,000 ZIL
Market Cap $152,988,348

Supply on Exchange Wallets

Exchange Token Balance Change Change Change
Binance 497,945,694 ZIL -3,458,685 ZIL +36,237,986 ZIL +18,062,956 ZIL
Kucoin 170,001,425 ZIL +2,056,177 ZIL +3,554,342 ZIL +21,199,513 ZIL
Okex 66,771,538 ZIL -10,921 ZIL -16,473,260 ZIL -66,453,793 ZIL
CoinEx 1,155,672 ZIL -870 ZIL +21,014 ZIL +285,870 ZIL
Huobi 757,721,983 ZIL +1,071,518 ZIL +2,974,967 ZIL -101,469,999 ZIL
Bitmax 6,519,158 ZIL -275,205 ZIL -18,350,062 ZIL +3,387,658 ZIL
Bittrex 115,104,596 ZIL -34,197 ZIL +2,690,235 ZIL -5,530,608 ZIL
Total 1,615,220,067 ZIL -652,182 ZIL +10,655,222 ZIL -130,518,405 ZIL
About Zilliqa

Zilliqa (ZIL) aims to improve the scalability of blockchains using Sharding. Sharding is a way of segmenting transactions for miners to perform parallel verifications. According to the white paper, its throughput could hit 1000x that of Ethereum.

Zilliqa uses a mix of Proof-of-Work consensus for node identification and Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (pBFT) for processing transactions. A fixed mining reward of 263,698.630137 ZIL is distributed to miners every 100th transaction block or every directory service block (DS-block).

On 25th April 2019, a token swap from ERC20 to Mainnet was conducted by major exchanges, which explains the surge in tokens deposited on exchanges.

Top exchange wallet transactions in last 24h

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