0.00000344 BTC

Latest DS-Block Mined 3,867 DS-Block
DS-Block Mined (24h) 15 blocks
Newly Minted Supply (24h) 3,955,479 ZIL
Newly Minted Supply (Annualized) 12.0% 1,443,750,000 ZIL
Circulating Supply 57.3% 12,034,204,557 ZIL
Max Supply 21,000,000,000 ZIL
Market Cap $64,099,589
About Zilliqa

Zilliqa (ZIL) aims to improve the scalability of blockchains using Sharding. Sharding is a way of segmenting transactions for miners to perform parallel verifications. According to the white paper, its throughput could hit 1000x that of Ethereum.

Zilliqa uses a mix of Proof-of-Work consensus for node identification and Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (pBFT) for processing transactions. A fixed mining reward of 263,698.630137 ZIL is distributed to miners every 100th transaction block or every directory service block (DS-block).

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2,567,451,021 ZIL ($53,837,651) is withdrawn from exchange wallets in the past hour.

Large withdrawals may indicate intention to accumulate.

Exchange1h Change
Binance (Hot)-2,567,862,226 ZIL
Binance (Cold)+0 ZIL
Upbit-10,032 ZIL
Huobi+413,645 ZIL
Okex+0 ZIL
Bittrex+7,592 ZIL
Bitmax+0 ZIL
Total-2,567,451,021 ZIL
As of 2019-04-23 01:01 UTC