0.00000344 BTC

Circulating Supply 73.7% 9,291,713,581 ZIL
Total Supply 12,599,999,804 ZIL
Market Cap $51,252,701
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2,567,451,021 ZIL ($53,837,651) is withdrawn from exchange wallets in the past hour.

Large withdrawals may indicate intention to accumulate.

Exchange1h Change
Binance (Hot)-2,567,862,226 ZIL
Binance (Cold)+0 ZIL
Upbit-10,032 ZIL
Huobi+413,645 ZIL
Okex+0 ZIL
Bittrex+7,592 ZIL
Bitmax+0 ZIL
Total-2,567,451,021 ZIL
As of 2019-04-23 01:01 UTC