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Weekly Report, April 21: ViewBase updates, Zilliqa, Aergo, Gifto, MDA

William · Blockchain Analytics and Research
1 year ago

Project Updates

We have been constantly improving our suite of analytics tools for our community of cryptocurrency traders. You may have noticed that our exchange deposit historical charts looks a little different now. This is because we have updated our charting software to HighCharts, which is also used by major crypto websites such as CoinMarketCap and EtherScan.

Please stay tuned for more exciting developments to come as we get down to work this summer!

Top Deposits of the Week

Large deposits of tokens on exchanges could indicate intention to sell.

# Token Exchange Deposit % Supply % 1W
1   Celsius Network 7,807,539 CEL 1.2% +13.0%
2   Zilliqa 4,057,680,998 ZIL 32.2% +12.6%
3   Spendcoin 61,734,420 SPND 3.1% +12.4%
4   ContentBox 251,170,476 BOX 8.4% +10.5%
5   Aergo 37,426,168 AERGO 7.5% +9.6%
6   Gifto 439,080,775 GTO 43.9% +9.3%
7   Aigang 11,962,827 AIX 40.9% +8.9%
8   Covalent 1,294,481,897 COVA 19.9% +8.9%

Top Withdrawals of the Week

Large withdrawal of tokens from exchanges could indicate intention to accumulate.

# Token Exchange Deposit % Supply % 1W
1   Patron 16,568,207 PAT 4.1% -50.9%
2   Moeda Loyalty Points 9,314,861 MDA 47.5% -31.6%
3   Bibox Token 17,799,657 BIX 6.6% -24.8%
4   Bitmax Token 23,041,540 BTMX 0.2% -23.5%
5   Dai 3,462,063 DAI 3.9% -12.7%
6   Revain 4,433,753 R 0.4% -9.1%
7   Fantom 552,235,528 FTM 27.8% -5.8%
8   Viberate 109,737,467 VIB 54.9% -5.5%

Weekly Analysis

Here we dive deeper to look at what are driving these movements.

 Zilliqa (ZIL)

Zilliqa can get no break despite a brutal year-long down trend. Project team appears to be taking profit again, with exchange deposits surging by +12.6% over the week. 

Outlook: BEARISH

 Aergo (AERGO)

As mentioned in our tweet last week, we have warned our followers not to buy Aergo when it was listed on Upbit. Holders are taking advantage of the Upbit listing to dump on new buyers, with exchange deposits continuing to surge by +9.2% over the week. 

Outlook: BEARISH

 Gifto (GTO)

Gifto holders may be taking advantage of the bitcoin rally to take profit, with its exchange deposits surging by +9.3% over the week. 

Outlook: BEARISH

 Moeda Loyalty Points (MDA)

Moeda Loyalty Points may be getting accumulated, with exchange deposits declining by -31.6% over the week.

Outlook: BULLISH

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